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DOA - World War 3 [7''] (Vinyl)

In 1979 D.O.A. teamed up with Ron Obvious and Bob Rock at a midnite to 6 AM studio session at Vancouver's Little Mountain Sound and recorded and mixed on a shoe string budget, what is arguably one of the top 10 punk rock singles of all time. Now Sudden Death is proud to re-release this gem for the first time in 37 years. ''World War 3,'' penned by guitarist/singer Joey Shithead and drummer Chuck Biscuits and helped along by bassist Randy Rampage really hit the mark for the times, in light of the U.S.-Soviet nuclear arms race at the time. Starkly, 37 years later things in the world are not any better. Music can still speak the truth.
''Whatcha Gonna Do?,'' the B side features Chuck's all-star drumming and Joe's song writing in a Jamaican inspired, cool style departure for the young (at that point in time) D.O.A.
A limited edition release of this classic by Canada's punk pioneers.

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