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DJ Hypnotize - Hypnology Vol. 1 [LP] (White Marbled Vinyl, beats and skip-less samples, limited)

Highly anticipated debut album of DJ Hypnotize aka The HZA ''Hypnology'' Vol. 1 12''. All-New, Ultra Rare Skratch Record on White Marble vinyl feat. 7 new hard beats and 22 skip-less samples to have you tearing up the tables all night long! For DJ's only.

''Takin out DJ's like a lion at feedin' time!'' -Dj Flare
''You're Already a Master'' -Dj Qbert

Limited to 300
White Marbled Vinyl
Cover art design by the legendary artist Doug 1 from Morning Breath Inc. (Foo Fighters, Brand New, Queens Of The Stone Age, DJ QBert, AFI, etc.)

Side A Beats
2. The Stargate
3. Spiral Dynamics
4. Psychotronics
5. Modo Vivendi aka Torsion Fields
6. Nootropics

Side B (22 skip-less scratch phrases)
0. Tonight your gonna see some skratchin'
1. I been Slicing MF's fresh
2. I Cut So Much, ahhh yea, go
3. Hit you with my direct blow
4. Dynamic flow like this, something like this ahhh
5. Brkn Shit down to molecules, yea, wah, cut
6 Catch wreck, say what huh yo
7. Funky kut like a guillotine brkn sht
8. Effortlessly slice or shred
9. We'd better get hyp, who the fuck is this
10. Ill show you what shredded is
11. IDGAF say what, yo its shredder
12. WDGAF bust this bust that
13. The legendary skratch, uhhh
14. Ahhh comin fo yo ass go kut
15. Doing things that you never heard, hip hop
16. If you choose to F*#$@ around you get ahhhh
17. Break it down, im back with the flow
18. What style is that now one can save you
19. Oh shit, ahh, broke it down
20. The fresh maker, it's fresh
21. Total organization, ahhh