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Dita Von Teese - Dita Von Teese [LP] (Pink Vinyl, written and composed by Sebastien Tellier, gatefold)

Dita Von Teese sings about the power of seduction and the ecstasy of letting go in an album bearing her name, written and composed by Sebastien Tellier. ''I've collaborated with artists I admire that have invited me, such as Monarchy and Die Antwoord,'' recalls the Michigan native. ''But nothing compares to this project with Sebastien Tellier. . . . When we began recording, he offered to let me to write some lyrics, but I preferred the feeling of letting go, of making a Sebastien Tellier record. I had a fantasy about having a modern Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg moment. To describe the album is difficult; perhaps it's me with less make-up.'' Sebastien Tellier has long dreamt of composing for a woman, but was not inspired by any professional singers. ''I was looking for someone both beautiful and unique. When I saw Dita dance to a piece of music I had written for her, I had a feeling that her physical presence and her personality were a perfect fit with my music . . . My wife, Amandine de La Richardiere, wrote some sexy pop lyrics to balance the melodrama of my tragic vision that love always ends -- in my songs -- in bitterness and regret.'' Recorded in Sydney, Los Angeles, and Paris, Dita Von Teese owes much to the talents of composer Sebastien Tellier, the singing of Dita Von Teese, and the art of two instrumentalists -- the programmer and keyboard player John Kirby (Solange, Blood Orange, Money Mark) and drummer Daniel Stricker (Midnight Juggernauts) -- who coproduced the album with Sebastien Tellier, under the name of Mind Gamers. Listening to ''Sparkling Rain'' a futuristic calypso shot through with angels choirs and the syncopated rhythms of marimbas; ''Rendez-Vous'', a robotic reggae which Grace Jones would not have disdained; or the bewitching ''My Lips On Your Lips'' and ''Bird Of Prey'' which, despite their air of inoffensive TLC-like silky ballads, promise a thousand erotic raptures, one notes that women of the night definitely make wonderful muses. Woven with powerful heartbeats, waves of liquid pianos, guitars cracking like whips, Chinese sounding motifs, and synthetic steel drums, Dita Von Teese asks to be lured into its intoxicating wake, as if the singer who had crossed invisible and tormented worlds had found the path leading to divine ecstasy. Pink colored vinyl; Printed inner cardboard sleeve; Gatefold sleeve. -
A1. Sparkling Rain
A2. Rendez-Vous
A3. La Vie Est Un Jeu
A4. My Lips On Your Lips
A5. Bird Of Prey
B1. Parfum
B2. Fevers And Candies
B3. Saticula
B4. Dangerous Guy
B5. Porcelain