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Diane Coffee - Internet Arms [LP] (180 Gram, Translucent Mint Colored Vinyl)

The ever-evolving spectacle that is Diane Coffee -- the gender and genre-bending alter ego of Shaun Fleming -- returns with Internet Arms, a swan dive into a lush, digital glam wonderland.

Internet Arms, Fleming's third full-length album as Diane Coffee, came to fruition in 2018 after he performed as King Herod in the Lyric Opera's critically-acclaimed run of Jesus Christ Superstar. Born from the fear and uncertainty of a future in which humankind is both dependent on and poisoned by technology, the album finds Diane Coffee trapped in a digital world, enslaved by AI.

This newly cybernated Diane Coffee is masterfully unveiled on album standouts ''Not Ready to Go'' and ''Like a Child Does,'' with both songs serving as vulnerable reflections on power and abuse. As a whole, Internet Arms marks a significant new phase for Fleming, a testimony to the idea that Diane Coffee will endure as a fluid form of expression that continues to defy expectations of sound and genre.

1. Not Ready To Go
2. Like A Child Does
3. The Look
4. Stuck In Your Saturday Night
5. Simulation
6. Internet Arms
7. War
8. Doubt
9. Work It
10. Good Luck
11. Lights Off
12. Turn On
13. Company Man