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Denial.Of.Service - Contour & Shape [12'' EP] (ANIMATED SLEEVE, limited) (Vinyl) LP

Denial.of.Service returns to FILM for an extended EP of wrought iron electronics, channeling the spirit of classic electro, industrial, and noise. If 2015's Sensou EP (FILM 003EP) communicated a more brooding, emotive side to Denial.of.Service -- then Contour & Shape works in stark contrast. The palette remains relatively unchanged, with the 808 providing the back-bone for most of the compositions -- but this time around the production aesthetic is harsh and abrasive and there's a powerful, burning immediacy to the work. Contour & Shape is a thunderous, high-energy salvo from a true creative with a rich electronic music heritage. -
A1. Contour & Shape
A2. Aka Manto
A3. Altercations Of Controlled Aggression
B1. Onryo
B2. Aka Manto (Red Version)
B3. Goryo
B4. And Their Cunts Smell Like Modafini