Deep Purple - A Fire In The Sky: A Career-Spanning Collection [3LP]

Deep Purple has announced A Fire in the Sky, a career-spanning anthology that will be available as a single CD and a three-CD set.
Each version of the set, which will be released on in North America through Rhino Records, includes a selection of songs chosen from the 19 studio albums that Deep Purple recorded between 1968 and 2013.
The single-disc version of A Fire in the Sky features 20 songs and focuses mainly on the band's singles. This features classics - ''Smoke On The Water'' and ''Highway Star'' - and lesser-known cuts like ''Perfect Strangers,'' an underrated song from the 1984 album of the same name, and ''Hell To Pay,'' from 2013's Now What?!.
The three-disc version of A Fire in the Sky dives even deeper into Purple's past, with 40 songs, and includes at least one track from every studio album through Now What?!. It also provides a showcase for the group's various incarnations through the years. To date, more than a dozen musicians have appeared on a Deep Purple album.
A Fire in the Sky will also be available as a three-LP set that includes 27 songs. Among the highlights are the single edit version of ''Woman From Tokyo,'' the U.S. single edit for ''Burn,'' and the radio edit of ''Bad Attitude.''