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Dead Kennedys - DK 40 [4LP Box Set] (re-mastered for vinyl, limited)

In 1979, the Dead Kennedys released their first single, ''California Uber Alles,'' which started a punk rock revolution in San Francisco and means that 2019 is the 40th Anniversary year of this legendary pioneering punk band.

In April, Manifesto Records released DK40, a 3CD set of 3 legendary Dead Kennedys performances; Paradiso in Amsterdam 1982, Alabama Halle in Munich 1982 and The Farm in San Francisco 1985.

This 4LP Box Set was re-mastered for vinyl and comes in high quality packaging in a beautiful box and amazing album artwork.

The Dead Kennedys were and still are one of the most influential bands in the history of punk rock and were definitely one of the leaders in the ''Punk Rock Evolution.'' Their lyrics were political in nature, anti-establishment and anti-authority and they always took a stance for First Amendment Rights.

The Dead Kennedys live shows were legendary, high energy and powerful and that power is evident in the 3 performances included in ''DK40,'' which f
1. Moral Majority 2. I Am the Owl 3. Life Sentence 4. Police Truck 5. Riot 6. Bleed For Me 7. Holiday in Cambodia 8. Lets Lynch the Landlord 9. Chemical Warfare 10. Nazi Punks Fuck Off 11. Kill the Poor 12. We've Got A Bigger Problem Now 13. Too Drunk to Fuck 14. Skateboard Talk+Intro Noise 15. Man With The Dogs 16. Forward to Death 17. K(EP)one Factory 18. Life Sentence 19. Trust Your Mechanic 20. Moral Majority 21. Forest Fire 22. Winnebago Warrior 23. Police Truck 24. Bleed For Me 25. Holiday In Cambodia 26. Let's Lynch the Landlord 27. Chemical Warfare 28. Nazi Punks 29. We've Got A Bigger Problem Now 30. Too Drunk to Fuck 31. Kill the Poor 32. Darren's Mom 33. Goons of Hazard 34. Hellnation 35. This Could Be Anywhere 36. Soup Is Good Food 37. Chemical Warfare 38. Macho Insecurity 39. A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch 40. Forest Fire 41. Moon Over Marin 42. Jock-O-Rama 43. Encore 44. Stars and Stripes of Corruption 45. Second Encore 46. MTV Get Off the Air 47. Holiday in Cambodia