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Dead Horse Beats - Inglaterra (LP) (Vinyl)

Dead Horse Beats is the stage name of Canadian musician, composer and singer Patrick Wade. 

Described as “a groovy treasure packed with the excitement and emotion of a danceclub makeout session” by Noisey; Wade’s releases with labels in Montreal, New York and London span moods and styles from eccentric leftfield electronic to pensive R&B and rattling disco tinged dance numbers. 

The Spanish word for England; ’Inglaterra’ explores the concept of a 
rainy vacation through deep, spacey grooves complimenting typically 
pessimistic but vulnerable lyrics. Guest appearances from LA singer 
Low Leaf on vocals and harp, frequent collaborator Francis Arseneau on keyboards, and New York based saxophonist Jarryd Torff add soulful expression to DHB’s infectious, jazzy hooks. DON'T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC EXPERIENCE IT.