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Danny Elfman - Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (Soundtrack) [LP] (Red Colored Vinyl)

The only officially approved soundtrack release by Danny Elfman and Warner Bros. Studios. The music presentation includes not only the music from Pee-wees Big Adventure but also the signature score cues from Elfman's work on the film, Back to School featuring Rodney Dangerfield. The front cover features the classic image of Pee-wee and his red bike, while photos from both films are on the back cover. Still great after almost 30 years. Presented for the first time on Red vinyl.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. Overture / The Big Race
2. Breakfast Machine
3. Park Ride
4. Stolen Bike
5. Hitchhike
6. Dinosaur Dream
7. Simone's Theme
8. Clown Dream
9. Studio Chase
10. The Drive-In
11. Finale
12. Overture
13. Do Not Go Gently...
14. The Brawl
15. Action Medley
16. Classroom Secretary
17. Triple Lindy
18. Love Suite
19. Study Montage