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Daniel Menche - Vilke [2LP] (Clear or Black Vinyl, numbered, limited to 500)

1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
4. Part 4
Vilke: of Lithuanian origin, a word for the female wolf.
For over twenty five years, Northwest native Daniel Menche has been involved with innova-tive methods of composition and sound experimentation. His formative work being rooted in noise has since developed into highly idiosyncratic and sophisticated forms, while remaining integrated with the genre's emotionally visceral core. Vilke is another step forward in this ongoing evolution, and a formidable experience for the listener. Animality is a recurrent theme in Menche's work, displayed prominently within four long form compositions that comprise the album. An avid and voracious hiker, Menche found great in-spiration in the beautiful lament of howling wolves during his overnight expeditions; and ul-timately chose these sounds as the core sonic elements for Vilke. By layering and distending wolves voices, a choir of howls was constructed - a massive sound wall colliding with layers of poly-rhythmic drums, abstracted guitar and piano. Fluctuating from somber ambiance to a seemingly endless cascade of noise, the songs lure the listener into a darkened forest of howling serenades, propulsive rhythms, deconstructed instrumentation and mother nature's primal cacophony. Vilke is an immersive experience, standing as a powerfully unique album among a long and varied discography from one of today's most valuable experimental musicians.