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Daniel Martin Moore - Turned Over To Dreams [LP] (Vinyl)

The idea for DMM's new record came after he learned that close friends of his were using one of his previous albums as a bedtime lullaby routine for their children. He decided to make some new recordings to help out. ''I just felt so honored that the songs were being used in that way, and I wanted to see what would happen if there was even more intention behind the recordings,'' he says. ''Along the way, it expanded into a while batch of songs and eventually into this LP.''

DMM's work has always been known for its meditative quality. His trademark combination of soft vocals anda masterful use of instrumentation - often featuring his piano skills - naturally evokes a peaceful mood. Turned Over To Dreams surely contains some of his best compositions, singing, and craftsmanship on an effort he produced, recorded, and mixed himself.

DMM's eighth full-length recording opens like a music box with the tender plucks of keys on its title track, and features heartfelt lessons on ''Consider The Worlds'', the ache of pining on ''You Are Home'', and four carefully chosen covers that range from a 1960s standard, ''Touch The Eart''; a hauntin interpretation of Brahm's Lullaby: his own spin on the ever popular ''Stay Awake'' and even his recording of the Mr. Rogers' classic ''It's Such A Good Feeling.'' All of this is punctuated by wonderfully varied interludes like the rising strings of ''Amid The Stars'' or the soothing electric guitar found on ''Drifting'' that make for an album that provides a much-needed respite.

1.Turned Over to Dreams
2.Consider the Worlds
3.O'er Wave & Sky
4.Good Evening, Good Night
5.Amid the Stars
6.You Are Home
7.Touch the Earth
9.Stay Awake
10.It's Such a Good Feeling