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Daniel Avery - Song For Alpha Remixes Two [12''] (limited to 200) (Vinyl)

Daniel Avery broadens the exquisite sonic universe established on last year's critically-acclaimed sophomore LP Song For Alpha, presenting two remix EPS (along with a digital collection of B-sides). Avery invites a number of his contemporaries and some of the most vital underground producers in the world to rework his original material, with transformative results.

The collected remixes span a spectrum of new and established names. Pioneering techno act Luke Slater applies his unique sensibilities to ''Diminuendo'', complimenting the album's heritage of experimental electronics. Stuttgart's Obscure Shape and SHDW (who run the label From Another Mind) have a vision of techno inspired by old records sourced through the years that bring a unique spin to their Avery remix. Finally, Richard Fearless has previously collaborated with Avery on the project PSSU; his familiarity with Avery's style makes his ''Days From Now'' an impressive and exciting closer to the EP.

1. Diminuendo (Luke Slater Remix)
2. Projector (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
3. Days From Now (Richard Fearless Remix)