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Daniel Avery - Slow Fade [12'' EP] (limited to 400) (Vinyl) LP

Mute announces the release of Daniel Avery's new Slow Fade EP. In the four years since 2013's critically acclaimed debut Drone Logic, Avery has released a DJ-Kicks mix CD, curated an extensive remix compilation and collaborated on a series of side-projects including a recent excursion with Alessandro Cortini; he has toured relentlessly, visiting the world's best clubs and festivals, cementing his reputation as one of the defining techno DJs of the decade; he has also worked studiously on what he wanted to say next as an artist. With time to develop, Avery's sonic vocabulary has expanded: uplifting ambient lullabies sit next to mesmeric techno assault, as well as new takes on his signature psychedelic-electronic sound. Barrelling club weapons are as likely to feature as expansive rollers; as capable of nailing you to the wall with a kickdrum as sending you floating with ethereal drone. Daniel Avery now stands in the lineage of great British psychonauts like Andrew Weatherall, Autechre and Four Tet - and is only just getting started. Tracklist: A1. Slow Fade A2. After Dark B1. Radius B2. Fever Dream