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Daithi - L.O.S.S. [LP] (Vinyl)

Long inspired by the sights, sounds and surroundings of Ireland, Daithi traces a more intimate though no less alive collision in his latest work. This latest project was unearthed in isolation in rural France as communication with friends, family, and an all-consuming social media expanse was placed on pause. ''I became interested in the idea of how people deal with loss, and the different ways that they recover from it,'' he notes. ''I was at my lowest point, feeling like nothing would ever be okay again, and found myself writing all sorts of melodies and chords as a form of therapy, but at first couldn't imagine getting to a place where I felt comfortable making songs out of them. This project scared me, but I'm also more proud of it than anything I've ever done.'' Blessed with a spellbinding vocal turn from Bell X1 leader Paul Noonan, opening track 'Take the Wheel' marks brave new territory for Daithi as the song traverses haunting terrain where battered flags once laid down by Cave and Cohen thrash ominously in the distance. It kick starts an album full of gifted Irish collaborators, including Sinead White, Ailbhe Reddy, Tandem Felix, and The Sei. The record takes Daithi's house music background and melds it with ambient synths, natural recordings and emotive piano lines, to create a beautiful tapestry of sound, based around the theme of loss, and how to recover from it. ''Both 'Lavender' and 'Orange' feel and play like an expression of grief, an emotional medium rarely so deftly touched upon by electronic producers. This new double single not only reinforces Daithi's position as one of the nation's premier artists, it also showcases him to be among those with the most depth.'' - Nialler9