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Cults - Cults [LP] (150 Gram Vinyl, includes )

On the surface they could be sickly sweet - a smitten duo called Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin
who spin gorgeous melodies across their girl group-inspired bedroom pop. But dig deeper and
a whole new world opens up, one that contains songs about apprehension, substance abuse and
the pain of moving from adolescence into adulthood. Oh, and those inspirational, moving speeches
that appear, ghost-like, behind the music? They're from a selection of notorious cult leaders ...

''A lot of our songs are about what we're going through right now - the fear of growing up and
facing adult responsibility,'' says Brian. ''And in a way that fear is what makes people join cults in
the first place - wanting to escape competition and success and be a part of something bigger,
communal. We also want to live our own lives with our own schedules and expectations, so in a
way this band has become our own cult.'' - Cult

* Cults is the first band signed to the newly created UK
imprint ''In The Name Of'' (Lily Allen's label)
* ''Go Outside'' single and focus through album release

Track Listing
1. Abducted
2. Go Outside
3. You Know What I Mean
4. Most Wanted
5. Walk At Night
6. Never Heal Myself
7. Oh My God
8. Never Saw The Point
9. Bad Things
10. Rave On