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Crem'e - Close Up (LP) (Vinyl)

Limited vinyl LP pressing. Close Up is a highly personalized vehicle of sound, created over the last few years as a response to the passing of Crem'es mother. An expression of deep roots and a chain of connections that shattered and spliced into millions of parts, Close Up was designed as a means of self-healing and emotional preservation. Crem'e summed up this transition in his life with the following, "It's like getting rid of a scar and then feeling naked without it." The musical language of Close Up jumps back and forth between a soulful balance of beauty and pain. Channeling the state of influences his family, friends and environments have afforded him growing up in LA. Many organic elements are seamlessly melded together, brought together through heavy usages of sampling, vocal layering and live recordings. Close Up represents bright moments that glide through mental gardens of sonic delight, molded into unique form in every measure, note and texture. Simply put, Close Up is music that represents the very essence of human connection and particularly the relationships Crem'e fostered over the last two decades. It's a closer examination of how we transition and embody the themes of our tragedies and triumphs. DON'T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC EXPERIENCE IT.