Creepxotica Featuring Rachel Deshon - Creepxotica Featuring Rachel Deshon [10''] (Colored Vinyl, download)

What began as the ''YMA SUMAC, the Legend, the Woman the Music'' sypmosium at Tiki Oasis 14, featuring ''educator'' EL VEZ (aka ROBERT LOPEZ of THE ZEROS) with Seattle opera singer RACHEL DESHON and San Diego's CREEPXOTICA, has resulted in this extremely off-the-charts 10'' vinyl exotica ''tribute'' to YMA SUMAC! EL VEZ saw an opportunity to pair the multi-octave DESHON with THE CREEPY CREEPS exotica alter-ego CREEPXOTICA as part of his talk about the legendary SUMAC. Rehearsals and the symposium itself went so well it was decided by all involved that the group would record some tracks for DESHON to sing on, and here they are! Five mind-bending '50s exotica fuled psychedelic tinged tracks with DESHON's insanely beautiful and confident vocals. Side A of this record are all ''Mambo'' era YMA SUMAC covers the likes you've never imagined hearing ANYONE else perform. Side B contains two absolute killer CREEPXOTICA originals with DESHON's vocals bringing them to new dimensions. This breath-taking slab of wax was cut on a vintage Sculley lathe once used in Capitol's mono cutting room, it could have very well been used to cut SUMAC's 78s and LPs! The record is pressed on color vinyl, includes a two-sided 10'' by 10'' insert AND a code for a FREE digital download of the tracks.