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Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River [LP]

The newly re-issued vinyl edition of the third album by one of the world's all-time greatest rock bands, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Green River
remains a top-selling album in the CCR catalog with over 1.5 million copies sold to date. The album contains the ubiquitous international chart-topping hit,
''Bad Moon Rising'' which reached #2 in the Billboard top 200 in the US and #1 in the UK upon its release in 1969 and continues to be a mainstay on
classic rock radio. A ''must-have'' for any serious classic rock fan, Green River represents both a true high point in songwriting creativity and the point at
which the band's classic sound fully bloomed into the CCR that fans recognize and love today.
Green River (2:32)
Commotion (2:41)
Tombstone Shadow (3:36)
Wrote A Song For Everyone (4:55)
Bad Moon Rising (2:18)
Lodi (3:10)
Cross-Tie Walker (3:17)
Sinister Purpose (3:20)
The Night Time Is The Right Time (3:07)