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Coultrain - Side Effex Of Make-Believe; divided for love_s sake (LP + ) (Vinyl)

"Coultrain is 1 of the most gifted artists of our time. I listen to him daily. Do yourself a favor and get on it." - Joi Gilliam (OutKast / Dungeon Family) In a time where lyricism in music seems to have taken it's farthest backseat yet - Coultrain stands above the crowd with his truly unique approach to songwriting, coupled with his raw vocal approach and inventive ear for production. Weaving one consecutive, first-person story of his 'Seymour Liberty' character throughout four different projects to date - the St. Louis storyteller now takes his tale to it's darkest & most romantic places yet, with the story's latest chapter - Side Effex Of Make-Believe; divided for love's sake. An exploratory tale of the darker sides of romance - Side Effex continues where last year's Jungle Mumbo Jumbo album left off, with our protagonist now falling headfirst for a murderous widow. The forbidden love affair leads Seymour through a maze of agony and enlightenment alike - as the last obstacle in the hero's journey before the concluding chapters to come next. Narrative DON'T JUST LISTEN TO MUSIC EXPERIENCE IT.