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Coronados - Un Lustre [LP] (Vinyl)

Mono-Tone Records present the first vinyl reissue of Coronados' Un Lustre, originally released in 1989. One of the great French bands of the '80s. Coronados created a perfect mix of wild garage, off-beat influences (for the times) -- like Alex Chilton, Kevin Ayers, Harry Nilsson, or Beefheart as well as French twisted '60s pop -- delivering it all in their own original and even eccentric style, savage but literate, loose but subtle. Un Lustre is Coronados' second album. The first one, N'Importe Quoi, had a very bare sound (that the band didn't like at the time but that has aged well). Un Lustre has a great full production, perfect for the ambitious songs. Despite great reviews, in France and abroad, and praise from their peers, they split soon after and have never played again, adding to their myth and cult status. A vivacious cult LP for garage fans and literate rockers. Buy or die!
A1. Un Lustre (2:13)
A2. Comment Croire A De La Mechancete (3:11)
A3. I Live The Life I Love (3:30)
A4. Encore (3:39)
B1. Inutile De Dire (3:11)
B2. Belle Journee (3:09)
B3. Collectionneur Maniaque (2:59)
B4. Chienne De Retour (3:16)
B5. Pas De Raison De Se Plaindre (3:09)