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Consumer - In Computers [LP] (limited to 500) (Vinyl)

* Features members of Have A Nice Life
* For fans of Melvins, early Devo, late Black Flag, Pere Ubu
* Mastered by Nicholas Wilbur at the UNKNOWN, Anacortes, WA
* Limited to 500
* No export to UK
Consumer formed in 2017 to generate reptile-brain, late capitalist agitprop. Its main tools are over-processed riffs played at high volume, impressionistic slogans, and soundscapes built from analog synths, broken electronics, and tape loops. Past your well-stocked garage, descending into Mammon's deep world of darkness, with regional coupon circulars in hand, Consumer offers doomy, electro, post-whatever.
Featuring Tim Macuga from Have A Nice Life as well as Have a Nice Life's live band Myke Cameron (bass), Rich Otero (drums, synths, programming), and Joe Streeter (guitar/engineering).

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1. Spiritual Death
2. Massive Subsidies
3. The Mills
4. In Computers - Part I
5. In Computers - Part II
6. In Computers - Part III