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Congos, The - Heart Of The Congos [3LP] (40th Anniversary) (Vinyl)

20 years after the release of Blood & Fire's outstanding but now deleted 'Heart Of The Congos' reissue. VP /17 North Parade release a 2017 remastered 3LP edition of this Lee Perry masterpiece complemented by added dubs, disco mixes, seven and twelve inch versions and 'Don't Blame It On I' an overlooked previously unreleased track unearthed, too late to include on the Blood & Fire release, by Steve Barrow and David Katz in 1997.

Printed inner sleeves with notes by Noel Hawks.

Side A:
01 Fisherman
02 Congoman
03 Open Up The Gate
04 Children Crying
05 La La Bam-Bam
Side B:
01 Can't Come In
02 Sodom And Gomorrow
03 The Wrong Thing
04 Ark Of The Covenant
05 Solid Foundation
Side C:
01 Don't Blame It On I
02 At The Feast
03 Neckodeemus
04 Solid Foundation (Disco Cork Mix)
05 Foundation Dub
Side D:
01 Congoman (12'' Mix)
02 Congoman Chant
03 Bring The Mackaback
04 Fisherman Dub
05 Noah Sugar Pan
Side E:
01 Fisherman ((Original Mix))
02 Congoman (Original Black Ark Mix)
03 Open Up The Gate (Original Black Ark Mix)
04 Children Crying (Original Black Ark Mix)
05 La La Bam-Bam (Original Black Ark Mix)
Side F:
01 Can't Come In (Original Black Ark Mix)
02 Sodom and Gomorrow (Original Black Ark Mix)
03 The Wrong Thing (Original Black Ark Mix)
04 Ark Of The Covenant (Original Black Ark Mix)
05 Solid Foundation (Original Black Ark Mix)