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Combichrist - Everybody Hates You [2LP] (Red & White Colored 180 Gram Vinyl, limited)

Combichrist is an aggrotech/industrial metal band formed in 2003 by Norwegian vocalist Andy LaPlegua. For the first time ever, the first 3 Combichrist albums - Joy Of Gunz, Everybody Hates You and What The F**k Is Wrong With You People will be released on vinyl. Side by side with their new studio album, One Fire, these three industrial classics will be limited edition, colored 180g vinyl. Their second album, Everybody Hates You, is now available as a double LP - one disc in red and one white.

Track Listing
1. This Shit Will Fcuk You Up, 2. Enjoy The Abuse, 3. Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood, 4. I'm Happy Anyway, 5. Blut Royale, 6. Who's Your Daddy, Snakegirl?, 7. Feed Your Anger, 8. God Bless, 9. Happy Fcuking Birthday, 10. This Is My Rifle, 11. Like To Thank My Buddies, 12. Lying Sack Of S*it, 13. Without Emotions