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Columbia Nights - In All Things (LP) (Vinyl)

Vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release, the first full length album from Columbia Nights, a self-described "soultronic" production group. Since releasing their critically acclaimed debut EP Dawn Dusk in 2012, John E Daise, Jason Edwards and Hayling Price have shared the stage with the likes of KING and THEESatisfaction while developing their own sound. After building a local buzz, the Washington, DC trio's blend of production wizardry and live instrumentation has led Okayplayer to dub them the District's "resident electro-funkateers. " On their 10 track LP, the fellowship's expansive musical palate shines through compositions that have been nurtured for several years. Grounded in a healthy stockpile of vinyl records, the sound travelers have crafted a cohesive statement adorned with infectious bass grooves, far-out synths, and lush string arrangements. The trio describes the album "a testament to the interconnectedness we all share and the power of music to forge those bonds... Our name is reflective of the space and the time in which we create, and our work is undoubtedly a product of this environment. We formed Columbia Nights to help advance the art we love, and to challenge listeners to demand more from the music they engage with." Featuring collaborations with vocalists including Aaron "AB" Abernathy, B. Jamelle, and Diggs Duke, the record also features some of soul's most innovative and independent new voices.