Code Walk - Distance [12'']

Adventurous, abstract, and deeply up-for-it rave music from Code Walk, a young Danish duo picked up for Peder Mannerfelt Produktion's first release of 2019 with Distance. They're most thrilling when they go fast, far-out, and nearweightless, as with the mercurial flow of opener ''Distance'', and with the scudding ghetto-tech bounce of ''Red'', and their smudged power ambient ace, ''The Same As Me''. The other tracks are perhaps more conventionally 'floor-focused, from the flinty breakbeat and noise jag of ''Touch'', to the soggy bass drum march and sci-fi synth strokes of ''Streak'', and the squared-off, cranky, Surgeon-esque buck of ''Monitor''.

01. Distance 02. Touch 03. Streak 04. Red 05. The Same As Me 06. Monitor
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