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Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings [LP] (includes ) (Vinyl)

It's been a crazy year for Cloud Nothings since they burst
onto the music scene last winter. At the time main man
Dylan Baldi was eighteen, living at home, and making
lo-fi indie rock on a crappy computer in his parent's suburban
basement outside Cleveland. Since then, Cloud
Nothings has released an EP and a handful of singles,
and the band has put a few North American tours under
its belt. With all the internet notoriety and their recent
signing with Carpark, Cloud Nothings are now able to record
somewhere besides the basement. For a producer,
Dylan chose Baltimore's Chester Gwazda, known for his
work with Dan Deacon and Future Islands. Recorded
this past August in a warehouse studio in Baltimore's
famed Copycat Building (home to the original Wham
City and many of the city's best musicians and artists),
the self-titled Cloud Nothings album shines through
with a crispness and boldness that Dylan has always
envisioned. The songs now sound as they do live: full
of energy, precision, and catchy bits. Dylan plays all the
instruments on the album, but this time without the lo-fi
scuzz. The excitement and emotion are practically jumping
off the grooves.

1. Understand At All
2. Not Important
3. Should Have
4. Forget You All The Time
5. Nothing's Wrong
6. Heartbeat
7. Rock
8. You're Not That Good At Anything
9. Been Through
10. On The Radio
11. All The Time