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Chillhop Music - Chillhop Essentials: Spring 2020 [2LP] (Purple Vinyl)

Lost in sound, reality softens. Spring 2020 is a new chapter in the Essentials series. Featuring 26 new songs with an immersive landscape, this is the perfect compilation to embrace the changing of the seasons. Welcome to a world of growth and warmth.

Ruck P - Soul Food
Toonorth - Chrysalism
L'Indecis - keep on
Chris Mazuera, Strehlow - Medicinal Sushi
Miscel, Hanz - Flee
Mo Anando - Green House
Middle School - back when it all made sense
Ben Bada Boom - Blossom
No Spirit, Sitting Duck - Plant A Tree
goosetaf, Saib - Chasin Daisys
ODYSSEE, cocabona - Velvet
Philanthrope, G Mills - Cinnamon Sugar
falcxne, Makzo - Leaves
fantompower - at the park
Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle - bringmesun
Xander - Midnight
Sworn - belonging
Blue Wednesday, Himalayan Beach Ensemble,
Dillan Witherow - Sleeping in
Misha, Evil Needle - Dreams
Sleepy Fish - let girls play soccer
No Spirit, Kyle McEvoy - It's Been A Year
chromonicci - London
Aso - comfortable
weird inside - doing laundry
sadtoi - 1999
Allem Iversom - Wash