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Chet Atkins & Les Paul - Chester & Lester [LP] (180 Gram, remastered, gatefold) (Vinyl)

Chester & Lester was probably the only jam session record to win a Grammy‚Ñ¢. Today, such an album would merely seem like clever marketing: two virtuosos from different genres, country and pop, joining forces. Not so in 1976. Truth was, Chet Atkins and Les Paul had way more in common than many realized. Each made groundbreaking records that put electric guitars on the map and influenced the sound of rock. Both experimented with electronics. The electric guitar models named for both men over half a century ago are considered classics, still produced today by the same companies. Three decades can't diminish Chester & Lester's wonderfully free musical and personal interplay. On record, their divergent personalities were reflected in their verbal bantering, Chet's taciturn personality and dry humor a terrific foil for Les's ornery schoolkid exuberance. It was something both admired about the record.

''a vividly spontaneous interchange of ideas (and ingenuity) between Chet Atkins and Les Paul.''

Randy Goodrum - piano
Henry Strzelecki or Bob Moore - bass
Larrie Londin - drums
Paul Yandell, Ray Edenton, or Bobby Thompson - rhythm guitar

Recorded in RCA's ''Nashville Sound'' Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

Mastered for this LP by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

Side One:
It's Been A Long Time
Out of Nowhere
Medley: Moonglow/Picnic (Theme from ''Picnic'')
It Had To Be You

Side Two:
Birth of the Blues
Someday Sweetheart
Deed I Do
Lover Come Back To Me