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Charles Williams - Love Is A Very Special Thing [LP] (Japanese import, first vinyl reissue of super-rare 1975 soul album, limited, includes OBI strip)

A masterpiece of Scandinavian modern soul / mellow soul. A masterpiece of phantom masterpiece that recorded the classic song ''Standing In The Way'' of Toro Ascension Acoustic Soul is finally reprinted.

In 1975, the only best album by Charles Williams, a black SSW from the US who lived in Scandinavia and Finland, was reprinted. Despite being a ''phantom'' work that was recorded in Finland, Sweden and the United States and released in Finland ''only'', the point of special mention is its high musicality. It is a wonderful one piece of funk, soul, acoustic groove and so on. Among them, the most famous acoustic mellow soul song ''A3. Standing In The Way'' has a special shine. It's a masterpiece. Other great works such as ''B1. Change It'' and thrilling instrument ''A1. Theme From Long Road''.

This item is for Record Day 2019.

* The world's first analog reproduction of the album.
* Reprint with original design.
* Uses a Japanese tip-on (A type) jacket.
* Comes with a special fantasy belt and commentary.
* High quality vinyl from Japanese pressing.

A1 Theme From Long Road 4:34
A2 Helen 5:12
A3 Standing In The Way 4:40
A4 Reason To Make You Smile 3:55
B1 Change It 2:52
B2 Love Is A Very Special Thing 5:05
B3 Standing 2:10
B4 Your Life 10:06