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Charlene Soraia - Where's My Tribe (LP) (Vinyl)

One voice. One guitar. Ten killer songs. Recorded by the artist alone in her South London flat - with no edits, no autotune and mostly in one take - Where's My Tribe is an album of raw and simple beauty. With song titles such as "Beautiful People," "Tragic Youth" and "Now You Are With Her," Where's My Tribe lays bare the loneliness that lurks at the empty heart of our super-connected world, chasing friends and dragons - real and illusory - down the virtual rabbit hole. Recorded in one take at 3am, Temptation channels the exquisite torture of an illicit affair resisted, but only just. With Tragic Youth, ghosts of the past are exorcised and consigned to history - eased on their way by a voice that glides like quicksilver over an intricate tapestry of guitar rhythms. While Beautiful People reads like an outsider's protest to the selfie generation, Far Beyond the High Street portrays a house "split into four separate homes" and Now You Are With Her is a song of heartache and longing to compete with the very best. As demonstrated by her accidental worldwide hit Wherever You Will Go, Charlene Soraia is possessed of a voice that can melt hearts. Where's My Tribe serves as a powerful reminder that she is also a guitarist of virtuosic skill and songwriter of rare talent. Universal yet intensely personal, this is a record of our time and forever that will resonate with the lonely soul inside us all.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Next Episode
  2. Monmouth
  3. Where's My Tribe
  4. Tragic Youth
  5. Temptation
  6. Beautiful People
  7. Now You Are with Her
  8. The Journey
  9. Likely to Kill
  10. Far Beyond the High Street
  11. Harms
  12. Saboteur Tiger