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Chameleons Vox - Script Of The Bridge (Live) [2LP] (180 Gram, gatefold) (Vinyl)

Mark Burgess established his reputation as a lyricist and songwriter with UK band, The Chameleons (UK) at the dawn of the 80's and the band went on to become one of the UK's most influential guitar bands of modern times, having been cited by the likes of Interpol, Radiohead, Oasis, Editors, Verve and Manic Street Preachers, to name a few. The band's debut album 'Script of the Bridge' is regarded as one of the best debuts by an English band and was recently remastered by Guy Massey, who prior to remastering Script had just won major industry awards for his work remastering The Beatles. Alongside Steve Rook, another Beatles veteran, they transformed Script of the Bridge for the modern era at Abbey Road studios, having volunteered to work on the album for free.

In the wake of Script of the Bridge two more albums followed 'What Does Anything Mean Basically' and Strange Times' for Geffen Records, the latter produced by Dave M. Allen who'd previously co-Produced 'Head On The Door for Th