Can - The Singles [3LP] (deluxe booklet, contains every 7'' single, triple gatefold)

Mute Records are pleased to announce The Singles, a brand new collection of all of CAN’s single releases.

CAN were enormously influential on forward-thinking rock artists (their fingerprints are all over Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Public Image Limited, Pavement, Mars Volta, The Jesus & Mary Chain) as well as crate dig hip-hop culture (sampled by the likes of Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, Earl Sweatshirt, Spank Rock), but one question persists: Where do you start?

This unique document is the first time CAN’s singles have been presented together and shows the breadth of their influential career, includes cuts dating back to 1970, such as ‘Soul Desert’ and ‘She Brings The Rain’, as well as out of print single edits of tracks like ''Halleluwah,'' ''Vitamin C'' and ''I Want More'' until the band’s breakup in 1988. It also includes rare singles such as ‘Silent Night’ and a 7'' cut of ‘Turtles Have Short Legs’ (originally recorded during the sessions for Tago Mago from 1971).

CAN, founded in 1967, released their debut album Monster Movie which set them apart from the mainstream, carving out a sound that transcended the boundaries of music. Reconfiguring psychedelia as an improvisational art-form that melded jazz, minimalism and African rhythms by way of open-ended jams which they dubbed ''instant compositions,'' CAN relied on telepathic spontaneity – perfected on their extraordinary run of releases Tago Mago, Ege Bamyasi and Future Days – which saw the groundbreaking band establish themselves as the beating heart of the legendary Krautrock scene.

1. Soul Desert
2. She Brings The Rain
3. Spoon
4. Shikako Maru Ten
5. Turtles Have Short Legs
6. Halleluwah (Edit)
7. Vitamin C
8. I’m So Green
9. Mushroom
10. Moonshake
11. Future Days (Edit)
12. Dizzy Dizzy (Edit)
13. Splash (Edit)
14. Hunters And Collectors (Edit)
15. Vernal Equinox (Edit)
16. I Want More
17. ...And More
18. Silent Night
19. Cascade Waltz
20. Don’t Say No (Edit)
21. Return
22. Can Can
23. Hoolah Hoolah (Edit)