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Building - Just For Once [LP] (Vinyl)

The Building are following up the release of their 2017 debut with a four song EP, Just For Once. Featuring three outtakes from their last album and one new song, the EP acts as a bridge between what has passed and what is yet to come. Via Anthony LaMarca, ''These songs are a small collection of B-sides. Two of the songs were recorded for my last LP, while the title track was recently recorded but felt like it wasn't a part of the next album. I still wanted to put them out in the world though. The two Reconciliation outtakes are, like the rest of the album, dealing with fear and uncertainty around some health issues I was having when I wrote that album. Just For Once is more about finally freeing yourself from someone you try a little too hard to have a relationship with. While I can still love them, I don't need to keep giving while not receiving. There's also some killer guitar solos!''