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Builders And The Butchers, The - The Builders And The Butchers [LP] (Red Vinyl, )

The original intention of the Builders and the Butchers was to make funeral music, but on the way to the cemetery something changed. An album, like any piece of art, is an artifact of a time. In a world where the process of listening to and obtaining music has never been cheaper or easier, vinyl is a last hold out. You can tell when you\'re holding the weight of wax in your hand, that you\'re connected to what you are doing. The first Builders and Butchers record is also an artifact of a time. Recorded in the living room of a house on SE Division St. in Portland, Oregon in 2007. It was recorded with no expectation, just wanting to document the songs folks had been gathering to sing along to since our first shows in the fall of 2005. The songs having been played only on the street up to that time. At those shows anyone who showed up was handed an instrument and quickly made part of the band. During the recording we attempted to bring that organic singalong rowdiness of the live show into the recording. We brought in about 20 close friends for a Sunday morning booze soaked choir session. We made sure that every instrument of the recording was made of wood and powered by a musician, there are no electric instruments and hardly any effects on this record. If ever there was a record that should\'ve been pressed to vinyl it is this one, and its a damn shame its taken us 6 years to get off our asses and do it
A1 The Night Pt. 1 A2 Red Hands A3 Spanish Death Song A4 Black Dresses A5 Bottom Of The Lake A6 The Gallows B1 Bringin\' Home The Rain B2 The Coal Mine Fall B3 Slowed Down Trip To Hell B4 The Night Pt. 2 B5 Ten Miles Wide B6 Find Me In The Air