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Bretus - Aion Tetra [LP] (limited to 200) (Vinyl)

ORDO MCM is proud to present BRETUS' highly anticipated fourth album, Aion Tetra, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Formed in the year 2000, BRETUS are cult figures in the Italian doom metal scene. Much like their loose 'n' lumbering music's heaviness, the quartet are patient in their creations and are never in a rush, prizing quality over quantity. As such, their first public recording, Demo 2008, didn't arrive until eight years after their formation. Ever since, they've stuck to this slow 'n' steady schedule, with a heavy whiff of stoner rock underlying their granite-thick doom metal foundation - altogether, a heady canvas for them to ruminate on supernatural horror and other Lovecraftian themes.

Alas, although it's only been a couple years since their last full-length, the critically acclaimed ...from the Twilight Zone, TOTAL DOOM arrives with BRETUS fourth album, Aion Tetra. Sweaty, swaggering, and more than a bit bluesy, Aion Tetra is sound of BRETUS hitting a fever pitch of creativity. Almost effortlessly, the band unload one molten crusher after another, with each opening up to reveal new, deeper corridors to their signature sound. Within, despite the obvious world-eating weight, every one of the nine songs mesmerizes with spacey, spacious intent, dazzling the imagination with an array of otherworldly textures and territories. Of those territories, perhaps a cursory rundown of Aion Tetra's attendant song titles suggest exactly where BRETUS are going: ''The City of Frost,'' ''The Third Mystic Eye,'' ''Deep Space Voodoo,'' ''Cosmic Crow,'' and especially ''Fields of Mars,'' to name just a few.

Italian doom is some of the finest in the world. Whether already a convert or a first-time acolyte, Aion Tetra asserts BRETUS' position among the best of the best.
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TRACKLIST The Third Mystic Eye Priests of Chaos Prisioners of the Night Aion Tetra Deep Space Vodoo Mark of Evil Cosmic Crow Fields of Mars City of Frost