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Bow Street Runners - Bow Street Runners [LP] (Psychedelic Swirl Colored Vinyl)

Flushed from Fayetteville, North Carolina-where they thought they could remain comfortably obscure-by our release of their only album, the Runners have recently resurfaced. Issued in ultra-limited quantity by B.T. Puppy in 1970-and now changing hands for sums more familiar to NASDAQ-this is an other-worldly blend of sweet female blotter acid harmonies, hypnotic Farfisa and high-octane fuzz guitar histrionics.

01. Electric Star 02. Watch 03. American Talking Blues 04. Leaving Grit America 05. Another Face 06. Eating From A Plastic Hand 07. Rock Fish Blues 08. Push It Through 09. Spunky Monkey 10. Steve's Jam