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Boston - Don't Look Back [LP] (Translucent Red Colored 180 Gram Vinyl, gatefold, Anniversary Edition, limited)

Boston are truly a worldwide sensation to rock music and guitar enthusiasts everywhere. Their music continues to be some of the most played on radio stations all over the globe, thanks to the many hit tracks and multi-platinum albums that have followed this much loved band since their smash debut Boston (Friday Music 34188) from 1976.

Led by Tom Scholz, the mastermind producer/guitarist/songwriter and fronted by the late superstar vocalist Brad Delp, Boston delivered an amazing second Lp with the chart topping Don't Look Back. Along with Sib Hashian, Barry Goodreau and Fran Sheehan, Boston were back in a huge way as they clearly show in the eight stellar tracks they recorded for this brilliant album.

The 1978 smash Lp kicks things off with the hard rocker title track ''Don't Look Back.'' This radio chart topper truly displays the classic Tom Scholz signature guitar riffs and graced radio airwaves worldwide. It's Easy features the sorely missed familiar vocal power of Brad Delp as well as his emotional reading on their power ballad anthem ''A Man I'll Never Be.''

More solid numbers from the band include the rockin' ''Party'', the fan favorites ''Don't Be Afraid'', ''The Journey'' and of course the stellar ''Feelin' Satisfied'', all making Boston's ''Don't Look Back'' one of the most revered albums in classic rock history.

Friday Music is no stranger to the music of the legendary Boston, that is why we are so very proud to announce another fine installment in the Boston/Friday Music 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Series with their second legendary masterpiece ''Don't Look Back.''

The original Epic Records classic is now mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Boston, Yes, Alice Cooper) and manufactured by R.T.I. For a very limited time, this super limited edition audiophile release will be pressed on TRANSLUCENT RED AUDIOPHILE VINYL. Boston's ''Don't Look Back'' will truly become one of the most important and collectible 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl titles in quite some time.

To further celebrate this magnificent anniversary release, the beautiful gatefold cover features the original Gary Norman artwork as well as the lyrics on a separate insert sheet with even more cool graphics from this 1978 Lp.

Boston....''Don't Look Back'' .......Impeccable first time audiophile stereo translucent red vinyl + gatefold cover......Happy New Year!

No Synthesizers Used...No Computers Used!!!


Don't Look Back
The Journey
It's Easy
A Man I'll Never Be
Feelin' Satisfied
Used To Bad News
Don't Be Afraid