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Boris Van Der Lek & Jules Deelder - Jazz [CD]

In 1980 Dutch saxophone player Boris Van Der Lek got the jazz virus and from then on there simply was no stopping him. A turbulent career followed playing on stages worldwide and with many legends of the genre. In 1987 he became a member of the ensemble The Houdini's and a friendship with Rotterdam based writer, poet and outspoken character Jules Deelder followed. After stints with the Tough Tenors, Trio Me Reet, Livin' Blues, Golden Earring and Hermon Brood & His Wild Romance, now time has come for a new collaboration with Jules Deelder, the night mayor of Rotterdam. Last summer they invaded stages nationwide at theater festival De Parade based on the earlier made recordings that will now see the night of day with this release. Recorded with engineer/producer Frans Hagenaars the vintage microphones picked up originals tracks and standards the duo recorded with the assistance of guitarist Cok van Vuuren (Ocobar, Mathilde Santing, Fay Lovsky), bassist Peter Wassenaar (o.a. Bram Vermeulen) and drummer Arend Niks (Corrie van Binsbergen, Orkater). Together they made a wonderfully authentic jazz album that sometimes swings in a melancholy mood and at other times excites furiously. But most of all it's an album that makes fills the heart with warmth.

1. Do The Boogaloo
2. Gospel Chops
3. How Cool
4. Blues OnT uesday
5. Boogaloo #2
6. My Baby Left Me
7. Vogelvrij
8. You Don't know What Love Is
9. Mr. Boris Takes Anther Chorus
10. Blue Monk (bonus track, live at Walhalla)