Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin' 20th Anniversary [12'']

140-gram vinyl. Club anthem ''Keep Pushin''' (1995) by
Hamburg-based producer and DJ Boris Dlugosch is a
timeless classic. Originally released in a time when house
music from Germany was not that common on the
international club circuit, ''Keep Pushin''' was a huge success
due not only to Inaya Day's vocals but also to the
predominant bassline, which ended up playing a huge role
on the UK garage scene. A whole generation of DJs have
since rediscovered the immense power of ''Keep Pushin'.'' This
remastered reissue of the original recording includes remixes
by Session Victim, Purple Disco Machine, and Oliver
A1. Keep Pushin (Oliver Dollar Dub Mix)
A2. Keep Pushin (Purple Disco Machine Dub Mix)
B1. Keep Pushin (Session Victim Remix)
B2. Keep Pushin (Original 2015 Remaster)