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Bonobo - Fabric Presents Bonobo [2LP] (Vinyl)

Double-LP version. Ushering in an exciting new era for the label, nightclub, and mix series, Bonobo opens the Fabric Presents series. His highly textural aesthetic translates into an ethos that looks to introduce a more open musical palette for the label. His mix features ''Roach'' from his rare pop-up alias Barakas and employs multi-instrumental arrangements in this 74 minutes of house, techno, electronica, and breakbeat. Features ten exclusive or unreleased tracks, including two from Bonobo and one from his Barakas alias. Bonobo's first official mix release since LateNightTales in 2013 and follows on from the world-wide success of Migration in 2017. Also features Pote, Alex Kassian, Ame, Durante, Dark Sky & Afriquoi, Olsen, O'Flynn, TSHA, Will Saul, Titeknots, Dan Kye, R. Lyle, Rhone, Laurent Garnier, Throwing Snow, Nepa Allstar, DJ Seinfeld, Earth Trax & Newborn JR, Annjet, and John Beltran. - A1. Bonobo - Flicker
A2. Pote - Jacquot (Waters of Praslin)
A3. Durante - Maia
A4. Dan Kye - Focus
B1. Dark Sky & Afriquoi - Cold Harbour
B2. Bonobo - Ibrik
B3. Olsen - Femenine
C1. TSHA - Sacred
C2. R. Lyle - Perpetrator
C3. Throwing Snow - Rheged
C4. DJ Seinfeld - Stargard
D1. Nepa Allstar - The Way
D2. Bonobo - Boston Common
D3. Ame - Nia
D4. O'Flynn - TKOTN