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Bongripper - Live At Roadburn 2012 [2LP] (Vinyl)

On the main stage, Bongripper performing all of the beautiful 'Satan Worshipping Doom' album proved to be a revelation for most at the festival. Massively framed by the enormous and intricate cover art, the four silent Chicagoans seemed to teach us all a lesson in how to deliver the heaviest and most atmospheric of music using just stringed instruments, drums and electricity. No head was left un-nodded in the 013 building as they blew away most of the competition with such furiously focussed cyclopean riffing that a crack nearly appeared in the Dutch sea walls 60 miles to the west. One hour of faultless instrumental rock. I felt hugely privileged. To quote any young American - 'fucking awesome'. The Sleeping Shaman'

Three years later they returned tot he festival to play 2015 album Miserable front to back with the same crowd reaction.
2012 1. Hail 16:34
2. Satan 13:33
3. Worship 18:27
4. Doom 10:16