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Bleeding Through - Portrait Of The Goddess [LP] (Clear Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 500)

Seven albums and countless tours, BLEEDING THROUGH wasted little time in their 15 year long career. Influenced and fueled by the '80s metal bands they grew up on fused with the brutal onslaught of Swedish influences (IN FLAMES, AT THE GATES, etc.) BLEEDING THROUGH helped pioneer a new genre from their native home of Orange County, California. At the time of its initial release, in 2002, Portrait Of The Goddess was a departure for the band members and set in motion a new wave of imitators as well as critics. Now sixteen years after it's original release, this album gets it's first vinyl treatment.
MARKETING / SELLING POINTS * Classic album's first time on vinyl * Limited color vinyl pressing * 500 on clear vinyl * 500 on red vinyl
HOME TOWN Orange County, CA
TRACK LIST 1. Rise 2. Our Enemies 3. Wake Of Orion 4. Just Another Pretty Face 5. Savior, Saint, Salvation 6. Turns Cold To The Touch 7. Portrait Of The Goddess 8. Ill Part 2 9. I Dream Of July 10. Insomniac