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Black Clouds - Dreamcation [LP] (Gold Vinyl)

''I'm starting to think that the only way Black Clouds would fail us is if they
simply decided not to show up.'' - Brightest Young Things
The final minutes of Black Clouds' debut album did not have a happy
ending: In a spoken word coda, Clutch's Neil Fallon repeatedly informs the
listener that ''everything is not going to be OK,'' and despite the fact this
had already been well communicated by the album itself, this was the first
time that language had been used to articulate its quasi-nihilism. For these
Washington D.C. post-rock and metal experimentalists, it was a rare, but
vivid show-me-and-tell-me moment.
Which is to say that Dreamcation, Black Clouds' sophomore effort and Collect
Records debut, is a significantly different kind of record. That sense of doom,
once mined for its power, is more effectively harnessed for a nuanced energy -
the darkness curbed just enough to let the light in - and the result is alternately
aggressive and ambient, often in the same song, and sometimes in the same
part: ''Carcosa,'' for one, takes equal cues from funeral and ascension, and
''Some Of Us Are Meant To Disappear'' somehow pummels you into a warm
hug. A smart and measured progression, Black Clouds finds itself at their most
introspective on Dreamcation, and if this album's final? eschews language
altogether for a wash of subtle chords and a blissfully ecstatic drone, it's only
because - perhaps - everything is going to be OK after all.
1. We Begged For The Floods
2. Don't Look For Me
3. Carcosa
4. And Then I Dove
5. Accept The Mystery
6. Some Of Us Are Meant To Disappear
7. Mt. Rainier
8. Low Places
9. Everyone's Waiting
10. Perennial