Bill Callahan - Live At Third Man Records [LP] (artist formerly known - UrbanVinylStore

Bill Callahan - Live At Third Man Records [LP] (artist formerly known as Smog) (Vinyl)

Bill Callahan, fka Smog, is simultaneously a staple of strange American country, lofi , folk and independent music. His lyricism comes across as challenging and deeply autobiographical, equal parts ''poetry leaning on true-to-life darkness'' and ''three chords and the truth.''

So, it is fi tting that Callahan's live set would command the same sense of friendlinesswith-difficulty that the recorded songs do. With brief, candid, and charming interludes between older and newer material, an outsider can hear that this performance was obviously a full-bodied (and multi-era) engagement, no space left for distraction.

''Jim Cain'' is a phenomenal song in any iteration, no doubt about it, but this live recording is unabashedly disrobed, tender, and saved for a sympathetic ear. The full album is an experience; make it one you look after.

LP Packaging: Standard weight vinyl, die cut black LP jacket

A1. Spring
A2. Jim Cain
A3. Ride My Arrow
B1. One Fine Morning
B2. Drover
B3. Riding For The Feeling