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Big L - Ebonics/Size Em Up (12'') (Vinyl) LP

Big L came back from some minor hits like "Put It On" to blow people out with this 12". Both sides banging with the infectious Big L flow that had become lyrically focused, spitting fire with precision. Street heat was generated. Suddenly Big L was making one of the most anticipated albums in years, and right in the middle of it all he was gunned down in the street. Recorded at D&D, for that "get ya meat lumped" sound, Ebonics is one of the greatest if not the greatest songs about spittin slang. L breaks down almost every word that you and your Tweety-bird embroidered denim shirt wearing boys throw at each other after watching Boyz in the Hood. "The studio is the Lab." dirty, clean and instrumental. "Size Em Up" dirty, clean, instrumental.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Ebonics (Criminal Slang) (Clean)
  2. Ebonics (Criminal Slang) (Street)
  3. Ebonics (Criminal Slang) (Instrumental)
  4. Size 'Em Up (Clean)
  5. Size 'Em Up (Street)
  6. Size 'Em Up (Instrumental)