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Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve (Super Deluxe Soundtrack) [LP+CD+7''] (Yellow Blood-Splattered Vinyl, 30x40'' British Quad film poster, yellow certificate signed by Mrs. Norma Herrmann, )

Cinema's most iconic whistle...By the master of Film Music, composer Bernard Herrmann ('PSYCHO', 'VERTIGO', 'TAXI DRIVER', 'CITIZEN KANE', etc.)... Coming to record stores for the first time ever...
''Twisted Nerve's most stand out feature was Bernard Herrmann's magnificently creepy-catchy whistling score'' - Quentin Tarantino'' - October 2014
A 1968 British psychological horror film from the Boulting Brothers, 'Twisted Nerve' starred Hywel Bennett, Hayley Mills and Billie Whitelaw. The film itself has little to offer, however its soundtrack remains one of Herrmann's finest and, alongside the film, would have probably languished in obscurity but for the intervention of Quentin Tarantino who revived its main whistle theme for his 2002 film 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1', bringing Herrmann's music to a whole new audience. At long last, the soundtrack to Elle Driver's infamous hospital scene in 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1' and the inspiration for countless ringtones and samples the world over comes to record stores in 2015 - when 'Twisted Nerve' is released in a Super-Deluxe soundtrack package by Stylotone working closely with the composer's family, The Bernard Herrmann Estate and with a little help from director Quentin Tarantino. The complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann for the Boulting Brothers' Production of 'Twisted Nerve' has been Assembled, Mastered and Cut at London's world famous Abbey Road Studios to produce a stunning Master that is ''enough to make even Hitchcock jump!''. The audio for this release has been overseen from start to finish by Grammy®-winning engineer Sean Magee, a member of the team that remastered The Beatles Catalogue in 2007 - he was also personally responsible for cutting their recent mono and stereo vinyl editions. Over 75 minutes of music - across three formats (Vinyl, CD & Download - Hi-Resolution & MP3) in two Super-Deluxe packages!
Our super-deluxe package has been produced to the absolute highest possible standard as if it had been released at the same time as the film, having sourced manufacturers who are able to produce all the parts on exactly the same machines as used in the 1960s. The 'Twisted Nerve' Super-Deluxe soundtrack package will be available in two ''blood-spattered'' coloured vinyl editions - one yellow and one transparent - featuring spot laminated 320gsm tip-on gatefold sleeves.

Yellow Version contains:
1. Yellow ''Blood-spattered'' Coloured Vinyl
2. Expanded Album on 'Vinyl' Replica CD in Yellow Gatefold Sleeve
3. High-Definition 24-bit WAV + 320kbps MP3 of the LP, CD and Complete Unedited Recording Sessions
4. Yellow 30'' x 40'' British Quad Film Poster
5. Sleeve notes by director Quentin Tarantino and Herrmann biographer, Steven C. Smith
6. Assembled, Mastered & Cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London
7. Yellow Certificate Signed by Mrs Norma Herrmann
8. Exclusive 'Film Replica' 3-Track 7'' Single

Track List:
[Side One] 1. Main Titles, 2. The Detective, 3. Henry Complains, 4. Twisted Nerve (Jazz Version), 5. Second Meeting, 6. Martin's Anger, 7. The Mirror, 8. The Letter, 9. Georgie, 10. Washing-up, 11. Playing Cards, 12. Psychopathia Sexualis /Hot Chocolate, 13. The Rocking Horse, 14. The Scissors / Peeping Georgie / Leaving The House, 15. The Murder / Henry's Dead, 16. Georgie's Nightmare / Just Lie Still / Ready And Willing, 17. The Body, 18. Twisted Nerve (Pop Version), [Side 2] 1. Swimming /Drowning, 2. Getting Dressed / Flowers I / The Kiss, 3. Flowers II / Henry Calls, 4. The Signature, 5. The Newspaper, 6. The Shed /The Portrait, 7. The Dresser / The Axe, 8. The Telephone / There Was No Reply / The House / The Front Door, 9. The Bedroom / No Bloody Wood / He's Not A Mongrel / The Struggle, 10. The Assault, 11. Georgie's Madness, 12. The Cell, 13. Finale* [Additional CD tracks - in track sequence], 32. Prelude to Main Titles (Re-Takes), 33. Prelude to Main Titles (Alternate), 34. Main Titles (Alternate Ending), 35. Twisted Nerve (Alternate), 36. Second Meeting (Rehearsal), 37. Martin's Anger (Film Version), 38. Whistle Sessions