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Berlinist - Gris (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Colored Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 500)

* Deluxe 2xLP in Stunning 48'' Jacket (Limited to 500)

* Open Edition 2xLP in Gatefold Jacket

* Album Art By Conrad Roset

* Music by Berlinist

* Includes Digital Download
To describe Gris as simply a game is to tell only a fraction of the story. This stunning debut from Barcelona's Nomada Studio is a transcendent experience - an artistic odyssey through a world of color - impossibly imaginative landscapes and jaw-dropping architecture. It's a cathartic hero's journey, not simply punctuated by sound, but driven by a haunting score that fully transports the listener to a watercolor infused paradise. In intimate collaboration with Nomada, we've created two versions of the vinyl - a super limited edition in a deluxe, quad-fold jacket and an open edition gatefold version that similarly, exudes fantastic beauty. This is a treasure for any vinyl collector to behold.
, Gris, Pt. 1
, Debris
, Lift
, Meridian
, Chiasm
, Incipit
, Perserverance
, Boundary
, Windmill
, Opaque
, Komorebi
, Environments
, Tobu
, Karasu
, Symmetry
, Rain
, Komorebi, Pt. 2
, Descent
, Sparks
, Ascension
, Unagi
, Firmament
, Comparison
, Gris, Pt. 2
, In Your Hands
, Circles