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Beginner's Mynd, The - I Found You Out / When You Go [7''] (Vinyl) LP

At long last, the vinyl debut for The Beginner's Mynd has arrived! Picking up right where they left off from their cassette EP on Burger Records, this new single shows the Washington DC-based trio in fine form. Their signature sound, which meshes Byrdsian guitar jangle with sixties UK-style psych/pop-psych in the vein of early Pink Floyd and The Factory, is on full display here. Add a few dollops of baroque psychedelia to the proceedings and presto, a top shelf two-sider for your listening pleasure!

''The Beginner's Mynd are an exciting new DC three piece who use strictly vintage analogue gear to capture songs that fully embrace the more melodic end of the sixties psychedelic pop spectrum'' - Nathan Ford, The Active Listener

''Catchy as Hell and exactly the kind of sweet wobble you want lodged in your cranium. Fillerfree and coated with enough baroque frosting to give you what you're looking for'' - Sunrise Ocean Bender

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