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Beck - Modern Guilt [LP] (Vinyl)

Modern Guilt is the eighth official studio album and eleventh overall by American alternative artist Beck. Modern
Guilt features two contributions by Cat Power[2] and was produced by Beck and Danger Mouse. Released in July of
2008 and featuring the singles ''Chemtrails'', Gamma Ray'', and ''Youthless''. Long out of print and repressed on

Track Listing
1. Orphans (Side A)
2. Gamma Ray (Side A)
3. Chemtrails (Side A)
4. Modern GUilt (Side A)
5. Youthless (Side A)
6. Walls (Side B)
7. Replica (Side B)
8. Soul Of A Man (Side B)
9. Profanity Players (Side B)
10.Volcano (Side B)