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Battles - Juice B Crypts [2LP] (, gatefold) (Vinyl)

Battles return this autumn with Juice B Crypts on Warp Records to follow their complex, mind-bending predecessors Mirrored, Gloss Drop and La Di Da Di. Their latest album is a sensory overload of information that throws everything you thought you knew about Battles into flux once again.

Battles redefined line-up puts Ian Williams (Keys, Electronics) and John Stanier (Drums) at the core of the covertly named Juice B Crypts, which was produced and mixed by Chris Tabron (Trash Talk, Mobb Deep, Ratking). Marrying synthesizer loops, cut-throat drum patterns and cyclical riffs, the album flirts with new technology, questions of authenticity and the technicalities of reinventing the wheel at the eleventh hour.
1 Ambulance
2 A Loop So Nice...
3 They Played It Twice (featuring Xenia Rubinos)
4 Sugar Foot (featuring Jon Anderson and Prairie WWWW)
5 Fort Greene Park
6 Titanium 2 Step (featuring Sal Principato)
7 Hiro 3
8 IZM (featuring Shabazz Palaces)
9 Juice B Crypts
10 The Last Supper On Shasta (featuring Tune-Yards)